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МИАТ credit card

What is credit card?

Credit card is one type of payment card and designed for non-cash transactions. Cash repayment rates are higher than non-cash transactions.

How to get a billing invoice?

The Bank will notify you via your registred e-mail or text message to your mobile phone number (as per credit card terms). You are able to also check in credit card section in internet banking.

How to pay credit card payment?

According to monthly statement, all payment or mandatory payment should be paid before due date. Payment can be paid by:  

  • Using Internet banking and mobile banking;
  • Visit the nearest branches;
  • Or use Cash Recycling Machine.

How to earn miles on MIAT credit card?

  • Receive 1 mile for every MNT10,000 spent in Mongolia by using your MIAT credit card on any XacBank POS;
  • Earn miles internationally by swiping your MIAT credit card at any bank’s POS in the world.

Please check you collected miles on monthly payment statement.

How to redeem your miles?

Please CLICK HERE to how to redeem your miles.