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QPay service

‘What is QPay service?

A service that eases customer transactions through unique QR codes for each customer. Customers are able to make and receive payments through use of the QR codes on the XacBank internet banking application.

How can I register for the service?

Customers can access the service using XacBank’s internet banking application. The application can be downloaded to any Android or IPhone smartphone via the app store.

Who can use the service?

The QR scanning service is an additional function of the XacBank smartphone application. Customers who have already registered for XacBank’s internet banking service can use QR scanning once the XacBank application has been installed on their smartphone.

How can I use QPay to make a payment?

Any person with access to the XacBank smartphone application can scan the recipient’s QR code or QPay sign. After checking the auto-filled account information for accuracy, the transfer can be approved.

What are the fees related to QPay transfer?

Transaction fees for using QPay are the same as Internet banking transaction fees, as follows:

  • The service will have zero fee if the transaction or payment is between XacBank accounts. 
  • The service will be charged an interbank transaction fee, if the transaction or payment is made to another bank via scanning that bank’s QR sign.