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Procurement process

XacBank aims to perform efficient and transparent procurements that will contribute Mongolian economic development, support environment, health and social responsibility as well as ensuring the continuity of goods and services required for the bank’s operation. XacBank applies same standards and criteria when selecting the potential suppliers in order to sustain the fair competence based market.

Our procurement principle

  • To comply with bank’s mission and vision
  • To be efficient
    • Goods and services must be in high quality
    • At the best available price in the market
    • Cost effective for the bank
  • To adhere the ethic
    • To be free from conflict of interest
    • Not to create unfair competence
    • To stand against corruption 
    • To be against any activities related to crime and fraud
  • To implement environmental and social responsibility
    • Not to procure the goods and services having an adverse effect on environment and society

Code of conduct and standards  for suppliers

  • Must be able to bear risks and be financially independent
  • Must have business experience and able to carry on the partnership in long term
  • Must be able to provide the product quality assurance
  • Must be adherent to local law and legislation and be paying taxes according to the law
  • Must have a policy to keep stable price for goods and services
  • Must hold an official right of the product and service or to be an official distributor
  • Must have enough stock of goods and services and warehouse to keep these
  • Must have skilled maintenance workforce and repair center. 
  • Must implement the E&S responsibility
  • Must not operate any activity that has an adverse effect to the environment; it must adhere the legislation and regulations related to the environmental protection and the handling of dangerous and hazardous materials.
  • Must prohibit the use of forced labor
  • Employment conditions must comply with local labor laws, including wages and compensation
  • Must ensure that child labor is not used
  • Must treat all employees fairly, prohibiting harassment and discrimination against any group in its employment practices
  • Must provide a safe work environment respecting the health of its workforce
  • Must avoid any negative effects on local community and area


Name and description of open tender
Tender announced date
Winner of the tender
Winner of the tender
1Independent Audit of Grant proceeds received by the Delivery Partner from the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
26-Nov-18Grant Thornton Audit LLC
MNT 6,600,000
2“Strengthening the country coordination and National Designated Authority (NDA) and National Focal Point (NFP) for efficient engagement with the Green Climate Fund (GCF)”
International: Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH
National: Independent & consultants
USD 125,250
3Development of an Informational Website for Informing Stakeholders and Raising Public Awareness of the Activities of the Climate Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Green soft LLC
MNT 17,400,000
4Guidelines for the Branding and Image Redevelopment of the Climate Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism
OndoWe LLC
MNT 10,000,000
5Mini-Grid and Off-Grid Project Preparation
Ochir Consulting LLC
USD 468,253
6Legal Consultancy Services for the Establishment of the Mongolia Green Finance Corporation
Khanlex LLC
USD 20,000
7Developing a Web-based Version of the GHG Emissions and Energy Savings Reporting Tool of XacBank
Able Soft LLC
MNT 31,000,000
8Independent Evaluation of Green Climate Fund (GCF)-funded Activities Implemented through XacBank
BlackRock Partners LLC
USD 48,917
9Selection of a Contractor to Provide Services Related to Security, Alarm Systems, Emergency Units and Special Transport at Ulaanbaatar and Regional Bank Branches
XacSecurity LLC
MNT 1,047,660,000
10Supply of A4 Paper, POS Systems, Ticket Window Paper and Receipt Folders to be Used for Internal Bank Activities
Bilguundariya LLC
Ulaanbaatar print LLC
According to order amount
11Supply of Android POS Systems to be Used for Internal Bank Activities
MM Systems LLC
NubiSoft LLC
MNT 698,250,000
12External Audit Services
Ernst & Young
13Supply of Power Backup Batteries to be Used for XacBank's Data Center Activities
Bodi Electronics LLC
MNT 78,654,400
14Supply of Heating and Cooling Equipment
Thermo Tech LLC
MNT 186,350,000
15Installation of Ventilation Systems
16Interior Refurbishing Work (including comprehensive installation of Electric Cables, Switches and Local Networks)
Ger Bridge LLC
Proline Systems LLC