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Salary card

Enrollment fee


Salary card

It allows you to make domestic and international payments promptly at the cheapest cost.


  • Make payments both domestically and internationally without complications;
  • You will be able to perform international payments using your MNT account, where non-cash exchange rate will apply depending on the currency of your transactions.
  • Currency of your choice such as MNT, USD, and CNY will be connected to your card.
  • The payment will proceed through your account which has the same currency as the transaction currency; hence there is no loss from currency exchange.
  • Accumulation of interest earnings for account balance;
  • Open overdraft credit accounts;
  • Receive services from all card servicing entities in Mongolia and abroad;
  • Payments through wide range of local merchants;

Requirement: To be employed at a company that signed a salary cooperation agreement with XacBank.

Terms and conditions:

Classic card
Gold card
Enrollment fee
Annual fee
Minimum balance requirement
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
5,000,000 төг
20,000,000 төг
Maximum daily purchase limit (POS transaction)
5,000,000 төг
20,000,000 төг
Card replacement
10,000 төг
PIN code recovery /card with chip/
10,000 төг
PIN code recovery /card with magnetic/
1000 төг
PIN code change fee /ATM/
100 төг
Annual fee for a supplementary card
10,000 төг
Cash withdrawal
In abroad  /АТМ, POS/
1.5% or minimum 3000 MNT
At XacBank branch /USD, CNY/
At XacBank branch /MNT/
200 MNT
Card account balance interest rate /per annul/
MNT /above 100,000 MNT/
USD /above 100 USD/
CNY /above 300 CNY/

Required documents:

  • Personal ID or international passport of Mongolia;
  • Official letter from the organization (in case establishing new contract with the bank).