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Aspire financial education program

What is Aspire program?

It is a program which provides financial education for children aged 14 to 18.

Purpose: Build the capacity for young girls and boys to make smart and informed choices about managing money, budgeting, and building assets.

Methodology: Child centered.

Teacher's participation: Lead and motivate.

Students' participation: Express their own views independently, work as a team, and respect others as well as their views.

Benefits for children:

  • Encouraged to dream and pursue it;
  • Managing money;
  • Having a savings;
  • Being familiar with financial institutions.

Program features:

Youths do not only obtain financial knowledge also they are allowed to use Aspire savings by their own. It is a savings which is dedicated for youths aged 14 to 25. There are only 2 countries in the world that Mongolia and Dominican Republic first provide financial education with financial product. In 2009, XacBank first introduced the “Aspire” program to Mongolian girls with technical assistance from NGOs like Women’s World Banking and Microfinance opportunities. 

In the framework of implementing program in school based way we have prepared an activity book which is distributed for all participants of the program. Moreover teacher’s book created for only girls has been successfully contextualized suitable for both boys and girls. Therefore youths get opportunity to learn complete Aspire program.

In further 10 thousand youths newly participate in the program every year. Golden Fund for Development Association is an approved NGO which provides financial education for adolescent girls and boys thorough Mongolia.

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