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Where to File a Complaint

Any parties affected by projects and programmes implemented by XacBank and who wish to file a complaint may do so through the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) found here.

The GRM is open to any member of the general public who may have been affected by our projects and programmes, and is not limited to customers of the bank.

Complaints filed in this manner will be processed and handled in accordance with the bank’s procedure on receiving and resolving complaints and feedback which may be consulted here

Complaints related to GCF-funded projects and programmes implemented by XacBank may also be filed directly to the GCF through their Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM) at https://irm.greenclimate.fund/.

Classification of Complaints and their Resolution Period

Complaint Levels
Resolution Period
Level AComplaint received due to violation of employee contract scope, internal labor agreement, and other internal legal act, overusing given authority, disclosure of customer information, damage to customer property due to not performing job function properly.
Within 3 days
Level BComplaint received due to not performing according to the bank’s Customer Service Standard.
Within 1 day
Level CComplaint received due to bad performance of job function.
Within 1 day
Level DComplaint received due to technical errors, or tangible and/or intangible damage to the customers’ property due to the activities of other organizations.
Level D complaint that didn’t cause any damage to customer property - Within 1 day;
Level D complaint that caused damage to customer property - Within 3 days.