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Aflatoun financial and social education program

Aflatoun  provides  children  with  the  building  blocks  of  life, encouraging  them  to  save  their  resources  and  start  social  and financial microenterprises. Through Social & Financial Education, children are empowered  to make a positive change  in  their  lives and in  their communities and may eventually break  the cycle of poverty.

The Aflatoun  teaching methodology encourages  “learning by doing”. The curriculum provides structured  lessons  that use on games, art and  theatre ensuring  that  learning  is  joyful as well as effective. The Aflatoun curriculum  is based on  five core elements.

  1. Personal understanding and exploration;
  2. Understanding and exploring  rights and  responsibilities;
  3. The concept of saving and spending;
  4. Learn how  to plan and budget, skills  that make  them aware  that  they have choices and control over how  they can use  their  resources;
  5. Children demonstrate and practice  their  learning  through social and  financial micro-enterprises where they collaborate as a team and discover how they can make the local community a safer, healthier and  fairer environment.

It  is satisfied with school management,  teachers and parents prefer  to give  financial education knowledge because of there isn’t any lesson including a content of Financial Education in national curriculum of Mongolia.

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