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6% Mortgage

loan size

up to 100 million mnt


up to 30 years    

interest rate (annual)


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The loan is deducted from the salary each month with interest.

6% Mortgage

Requirements for an apartment:

  • For living purposes;
  • Up to 80 sq. m sized apartments;
  • Issued the Apartment Ownership Certificate (Real Estate Certificate);
  • No third party claims against proprietorship rights of the apartment.

Requirements for the Loan Applicant:

  • Above 18 years of age, legally eligible, citizen of Mongolia;
  • No bad record of overdue, bad loans from financial institutions, or debts payable in accordance with court resolution for the past 6 months;
  • None of family members has outstanding loans from the state loan program for public servants;
  • Ratio of debts to pre-tax income is 45% ( including monthly payment of consumption and business loans);
  • Consistent business and salary income;
  • Stable continuous employment or business activities for the past one year;
  • Accumulated down payment or ready to pledge an apartment of own proprietorship for the amount of the down payment;
  • To be not more than 65 years of age upon expiry of the loan terms;
  • Covered with life and property insurance.

Transfer of Loan:

Contact the nearest XacBank branch office to request the transfer of loan and present the proof of current income standings.

Click here to download loan transfer application form.

Loan terms:

Loan period
Interest rate
Down payment
/in percentage/
Commission fee
Up to 30 years
1 percent of mortgage disbursement

Required documents:

A list of required documents for loan transfer:

  • Loan transfer application form /application forms/;
  • Documents to evidence income and revenues (not needed from applicants that are paid the salary through XacBank branch offices)
  • Notarized copies of ID card, ;
  • Reference letter from Taxation Authorities on outstanding tax payables of economic entities and businesspersons.

A list of required documents for a new loan:

  • Reference from Governor of resident areas ;
  • Reference on the apartment ownership shall be obtained from Property Registration Authority, /proof of no pledge with other loan obligations in a bank, non-existence of claims from the third party, and no doubts about proprietorship rights/;
  • Economic entities and businesspersons should obtain a reference from the relevant tax authorities on absence of overdue taxation liability;
  • Notarized copies of ID Cards for loan applicants and the family members;
  • 2 passport sized (3x4 sized) photos (taken within last one year) of the Loan applicant;
  • Receipt for down payment or proof of financial capacity to make such a payment /receipt, savings book or contract etc/;
  • A notarized copy of ownership certificate;
  • Original copy of Apartment Sale and Purchase Agreement signed by and between the Seller and the Loan Applicant;
  • Documents to prove income and revenues;
  • Other.