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Private house Mortgage

Loan size

MNT 200 million


180 months

interest rate

  • Monthly: 1.6%
  • annual: 19.2%

Loan calculator

The loan is deducted from the salary each month with interest.

Private house Mortgage

If you intend to have a private house, you can choose between:

  • Private House Purchase Loan
    if you intend to buy a private house built in accordance with the architectural plan and connected to central or privately developed heating and sewage system on the private land, you can choose Private House Purchase Loan.
  • Private House Construction Loan
    if you intend to build a private house to be built in accordance with architectural plan and connected to central or privately developed heating and sewage system on your own legally privatized land, you can choose Private House Construction Loan. To be eligible for this loan construction process should have 50 percent completion rate or ceiling and flooring works needs to be completed.

Loan terms:

Regular Mortgage
For completing
construction of houses
Loan size
Ulaanbaatar cityMNT 200 million
MNT 200 million
Rural areasMNT 100 million
MNT 100 million
Down payment, in percentage
20% - 50% of construct
work completion
Interest rate
Monthly rate₮: 1.6%
Annual rate₮: 19.2%
Annual percentage rate₮: 19.2%
Loan period
180 months
Service fee

25%-40%: 1.0%

40%-50%: 0.5%

Above 50%: 0.0%

Required documents:

  • Loan application form /application forms/;
  • Notarized copies of ID Cards for loan applicants and the family members;
  • 2 passport sized (3x4 sized) photos taken within the past 12 months of the Loan applicant;
  • A brief introduction on profession, education, employment records and business activities of the loan applicant and the family members;
  • A notarized copy of Land Ownership Certificate, a reference on ownership of Real Estate and other relevant assets issued by State Registration Office at least one week prior to such loan requests;
  • Other.

To purchase a private house

  • Evidence on payment or capacity to pay down payment /Receipt, Savings Contract, Savings Book etc./;
  • Original copy of Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement, if any, signed by and between the Loan Applicant and the Seller;
  • Cadastral Mapping of Land for Private House;
  • A copy of Immovable Property Ownership Certificate;
  • Life and Property Insurance Contract.

To complete a private house construction

  • Land Ownership Certificate, a Resolution of Aimag or Capital City Governor on Construction Land Permit , and Land Possession contract;
  • Documents on of technical conditions and permissions;
  • Revised construction drawing and budget;
  • General Plan for Construction Works;
  • Contracts signed with Construction Material Supplier, Equipment Sales and Rental Companies, Contractors for Private House Construction, Heating and Water Supply Installation Works and other relevant contracts and agreements together with financing plan and performance acts.

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