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Mortgage loan

Loan size

up to MNT 200 million

loan period

240 months

interest rate 

Monthly rate: MNT: 1.5%

Annual rate: MNT: 18.0%

Loan calculator

The loan is deducted from the salary each month with interest.

Mortgage loan

You can purchase your dream house through mortgage loan from XacBank and make a major investment in your life.


  • We offer you maximum flexibility to match your demand;
  • While purchasing the apartment, it is also possible to solve the need for garage;
  • If you have accrued mortgage down payment using housing savings, you will benefit interest rate discounts and down payment reductions;
  • Upon receipt of Certificate on Credit Eligibility through prior evaluation of credit limits to match your financial capacity, you can choose the apartment building at your convenience without any time limits.

If you are planning to buy an apartment, you may choose among:

  • Mortgage Loan
    You may choose mortgage loan if you are planning to buy a new apartment accepted by the State Commission and ready for issuance of Ownership Certificate or an old apartment exploited since1980.
  • 100% Financing Mortgage Loan
    If you have financial resources and fixed income and the first-time home buyer, but you have not accumulated the down payment for the new apartment, you can select 100% Financing Mortgage Loan for young families.
  • Home Improvement Loan
    You can choose Home Improvement Loan if you already received a mortgage from XacBank but you wish to improve the quality of your housing or enlarge your current apartment, or move from ger district to an apartment.
  • Credit Eligibility Certificate
    if you have not decided on the type of housing you want to buy, you can subscribe for “Credit Eligibility Certificate” to determine the potential credit limit by the Bank and select the housing of your dream with no time constraints and pressure.

Loan terms:

Regular Mortgage
100% financing mortgage

Loan size
MNT 200 million
MNT 200 million
Other rural areas
MNT 100 million
MNT 100 million
Down payment, in percentage
The Bank will require additional property to pledge
Interest rate
Monthly rate₮: 1.5%
Annual rate₮: 18.0%
Loan period
240 months
Service fee

25%-40%: 1.0%

40%-50%: 0.5%

Above 50%: 0.0%

Required documents:

  • Loan application for Mortgage loan;
  • Notarized copies of ID cards of applicant and the family members;
  • 2 passport sized (3x4 sized) photos (taken within last one year) of the Loan applicant;
  • A brief introduction of the loan applicant and his family members;
  • Evidence of down payment or proof of financial capacity to make such a payment /receipt, savings book or contract etc/;
  • A notarized copy of apartment ownership certificate;
  • Original copy of Apartment Sale and Purchase Agreement signed by and between the Seller and the Loan Applicant;
  • Other.