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Construction Loan

Loan amount

Not to exceed 70% of the construction budget

Loan period

60 months

Annual Interest rate

MNT: 18.0% -22.8%

USD: 13.2% - 18.0%

Construction Loan

Loans that finance new construction projects as well as expansion, renovation and repair work on previously existing construction projects.

Purpose of loan:

  • To finance new construction projects as well as expansion and renovation of existing projects;
  • For purchase of special equipment and machinery for construction projects;
  • To finance additional costs associated with changes in plans for construction projects.

Loan terms:

Loan amount
Not to exceed 70% of the construction budget
Interest rate
1.5% - 1.9%
1.1% - 1.5%
/18.0% -22.8%/ per annul
/13.2% - 18.0%/ per annul
Loan period
60 months
Service fee
Loan monitor fee
0.04% - 0.1%
Loan application fee


  • In operation for the past 6 months;
  • To have the required business license from the relevant authority, valid until the loan maturity, or in case of special licenses with set periods, availability to obtain an extension until loan matures;
  • No previous bad credit history with other banks, financial institutions, individuals or legal entities;
  • Maintains accounting records which are up to date and accurate with regards to the operation of the business; in case of legal entities, accounting bookkeeping;
  • Provide accurate and complete information as required by the bank;
  • In case of establishment of a legal entity during the process of doing business, said legal entity should have no bad credit history or bankruptcy record.

Required documents:

  • XacBank application form;
  • Business background;
  • Certificate of legal entity, charter and founders’ agreement;
  • Financial statements (1-3 years);
  • Business permits, licenses, and patents;
  • Land ownership and occupancy certificates;
  • Construction project budget and projection, schedule for loan financing and performance;
  • Construction performance and inventory of purchased materials;
  • Recent credit history from other banks and financial institutions;
  • Agreements and transactions relevant to activities to be financed by loan;
  • Documents relevant to collateral assets;
  • Other documents required depending on business type.