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Investment loan

Loan size

up to mnt 2.5 Billion

loan period

60 months

interest rate /mnt/

Monthly: 1.8%-2.0%

Annual: 21.6% - 24.0%

interest rate /usd/

Monthly: 1.10%-1.50%

Annual: 13.20% - 18.00%

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The loan is deducted from the salary each month with interest.


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Investment loan

You can apply for a a Investment loan if you wish to invest in your business at the most flexible terms which suit your business needs.


  • The size of the loan depends on your business scope and financial capacities;
  • Clients with good loan history, holding current account and savings deposit accounts at XacBank will enjoy lower interest rate on loan;
  • We offer flexible repayment schedule to match your business features and seasonal characteristics and give grace period of up to 24 months period;
  • We can finance your additional demand with a repeat loan even if you already have an outstanding loan with the Bank.

Loan terms

Loan typeInvestment loan
Loan size
Up to 2.5 billion MNT
 Loan period
up to 60 months
Interest rate
Monthly₮: 1.8% - 2.00%
$: 1.10% - 1.50%
Annual₮: 21.6% - 24.0%
$: 13.2% - 18.0%
Interest rate can be decreased depending on the deposit amount and loan cycle /number of loans/ of the customer.
Service fee
MNT - 0.5%
USD - 1%
For more information:
Phone: 70110057, 70110058
Website: www.lgf.mn


  • If you need additional financing to purchase equipment or acquire work place besides the working capital, we recommend you “fixed asset and equipment financing loan”.


  • Have business income to prove your financial capacity to repay the loan;
  • Have operated the business for more than 6 months;
  • Possess movable or immovable properties to pledge.

Required documents


  • Client Application form (XacBank form, 1 copy of photo) (only for the first time loan applicants);
  • Business Loan application form; /XacBank form/;
  • Copies of ID Cards;
  • Business related documents / Special permits, patents, and licenses/;
  • Worksite documents /rent agreement, receipts of most recent rental payments /;
  • In case operational licenses are required, patents, licenses, and permits granted by authorities, and rental agreement;
  • Certificate of ownership of apartments, houses and land ;
  • Miscellaneous.


  • Business loan application /XacBank form/;
  • State Registration Certificate of Legal Entities (together with a notarized copy);
  • Photo of the management and a copy of ID Card /only for the first time loan applicants/;
  • Notarized copy of the Founding Agreement;
  • A copy of Corporate Statute verified by Taxation Authorities;
  • A copy of financial statement for the previous year and the last quarter verified by Taxation Authorities;
  • A copy of contract and agreement on the activities to be financed by loan;
  • Ownership certificates of collateral assets;
  • Miscellaneous.

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