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"Candy" payment card

Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit

5,000,000 MNT

Maximum daily purchase limit (POS)

5,000,000 MNT

XacBank атм cash out fee

0 mnt

"Candy" payment card

We offer you a classic card which you can use to make all your international and domestic payments and transactions in the cheapest, fastest and easiest way.


  • Collect 1% Candy on purchases made through XacBank POS terminals;
  • No ATM withdrawal fees when used on XacBank ATMs;
  • Accumulate interest on cash balance in your account;
  • Secure online payments;
  • Use your payment card with ease when you travel.

Terms and conditions:

Fees and charges
Card validity
5 years
Annual fee
MNT 10,000
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
MNT 5,000,000
Maximum daily purchase limit (POS transaction)
MNT 5,000,000
Card replacement fee
MNT 10,000
PIN code recovery at branch
MNT 1,000
PIN code change at ATM
Cash withdrawal
In abroad /АТМ, POS/
At XacBank branch /USD/0.25%
At XacBank branch /MNT/MNT 200
Card account balance interest rate
(not until 1st July, 2021)
over 100 USD  1.0% (per annum)

over 100,000 MNT 3.6% (per annum

Required documents:

  • If Mongolian citizen - Id or international passport of Mongolia;
  • If foreign citizen - Certificate of alien registration;
  • Application for payment card and contract;
  • Additional documents for new customers.