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XacInfo notification service

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Frequently asked question

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XacInfo notification service

XacInfo service will deliver messages containing information on all transactions, deposits and withdrawals immediately to your e-mail or mobile phone.

ХacInfo service benefits:

  • Constant control of account transactions;
  • Prevention from various risks that may be caused by loss of payment card;
  • Timely notice about wrongful or duplicated transactions in case you are using e-banking service.

Service features:

  • Delivers information on all the transactions of all the domestic cards, current and savings accounts;
  • Several accounts can be linked;
  • Receive information on any transaction in your child’s “Future Millionaire” savings account;
  • You can select the type and minimum amount of transactions you want to receive as a notification;
  • Transaction notifications can be accompanied with the account balance information.
  • The notifications can be delivered by SMS or E-mail.

Service terms:

Service registration is free of charge. Commissions shall be deducted from your account every time the notification is delivered to the client. Clients can choose the account the commissions to be deducted. Commission amount shall vary depending on the information channel.

  • SMS notifications to your mobile phone – MNT 50;
  • E-mail notifications to your E-mail address – FREE;
  • Both SMS and E-mail notifications - 50 MNT.

Registration for service

  • You may bring your ID card to the nearest XacBank branch office for service registration.
  • If you are already a user of internet banking service, fill in the e-application form for XacInfo notification service while you are logged in in the internet banking service.
  • You can also contact XacBank at service inquiry number 1800-1888 for the service registration.


How to register XacInfo service?

  1. You can visit your closest XacBank branch along with your ID card
  2. Call our call center at 1800 – 1800
  3. Or you can register yourself using your XacBank Internet bank account.

How much do XacInfo service charge?

  • Each transaction information via text message fee – 50 MNT;
  • Each transaction information via email - 0 MNT;
  •  Text message and email fee -50 MNT.

Are foreign transaction accounts applicable for XacInfo?

MNT, USD and CNY accounts can be connected to XACINFO. The minimum transaction required for USD and RMB accounts are 1 USD and 1 CNY.

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