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Internet banking

You can register for XacBank internet banking service free of charge. Using internet banking service, you can check your account balance, receive account statements, and view loan repayment schedule free of charge.

Internet banking services

  1. Check account information:
    • Check the balance of any type of account;
    • Download account statement;
    • View loan repayment schedule;
  2. Make non-cash settlements:
    • Transfer funds between your accounts registered in internet banking service;
    • Transfer funds between XacBank branches and to other commercial banks;
    • Payment of utility expenses;
    • International money remittance - SWIFT;
    • Subscribe for standing order payment – permanent and/or single transfer;
    • Save template transactions.
  3. Subscribe for products and services:
    • Registration for internet banking service;
    • Registration for mobile banking service;
    • Registration for ХасInfo information service;
    • Request for payment card on your account;
    • Request for savings account opening;
    • Request for salary loan;
    • Request for overdraft on the card account.
  4. View currency exchange rate information;
  5. E-reminder service:
    • Remind expiry date on savings;
    • Remind loan repayment date;
    • Remind overdue loans;
    • Remind expiry of credit line dates.

Service term

Service type
Enrollment fee
Annual fee
Inside XacBank transaction
Interbank transaction
MNT 200**, USD 0.2, EUR 0.2
Interbank transaction (If the amount of transaction is above the daily transaction limit of corporate users)***
MNT 500, USD 0.2, EUR 0.2
Single transaction limit
MNT 20,000,000
Daily transaction limit
MNT 20,000,000
Bank statement request
Loan account statement
MNT 3,000
Card, Current and deposit account statement
MNT 5,000
MNT 30,000
For less than 14 days:
  • Opened account;
  • For supplementary account holder;
  • more than 70% of the monetary asset specified statement.

**200 MNT for interbank non-cash transactions over 3 million MNT

*** a fee charged on the type of currencies in case of a transaction with an amount in excess of daily transaction limits in accordance with General Terms for XacBank Service Fees and Commissions.

Registration for service

If you want to register for XacBank internet banking service to manage your account without any time and distance limits, you should:

  • Contact the nearest branch office of XacBank with your ID card;

Internet banking

How can I get Internet banking?

Individuals who have any accounts at XacBank can apply for our Internet banking service by the following channels:

  • Visit the nearest XacBank branch with your civil identification card;
  • Call 1800-1888 (Contact Center);
  • Apply from https://e-xacbank.com;

Legal entity:

  • Visit the nearest XacBank branch.

What types of service are available through the internet banking?

Following services except cash deposit or withdrawal are available in Internet banking:


  • Interbank and intrabank transfers;
  • International transfer (SWIFT);
  • Future dated transfer (Standing order);
  • Loan repayment;
  • Bill payment;
  • Custom’s payment;
  • E-receipt delivery by e-mail;

Products and services:

  • Get deposit backed loan;
  • Apply for debit card;
  • Apply for mobile banking service;
  • Apply for XacInfo notification service;
  • Apply for salary loan;
  • Request overdraft;


  • Balance inquiry;
  • Account statement;
  • Loan installment schedule.

Is Internet banking available on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can upload our internet banking application on Android, iOS and Blackberry smart phones.

What to do if I forgot my login password?

In this case, please go to the https://e-xacbank.com click on button “Forgot password” just below “Login window” and enter your credentials. Once you’ve done, OTP will be sent either to your mobile phone or e-mail address. Using the OTP you can create/update the password.

Note: Your password must be at least 8 characters containing a combination of at least three of the following characters: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or symbols.
For instance, James2, JaMes@, jamesA2 etc.

What to do if I forgot my transaction code?

Please go to the https://e-xacbank.com click on Settings - Feedback - Forgot transaction code and provide your credentials. Using the OTP that will be sent either to your mobile phone or e-mail address,  you can create/update the transaction code.

What to do if I forgot my login name?

Please dial to our call center 1800-1888 or visit to the nearest branch.

How to change my login password or transaction code?

If you want to change your login password or transaction code, please go to the Settings - Change password, then you can change your security codes.

How do I add or remove accounts to/from my internet banking?

For individual user:

Please go to the https://e-xacbank.com click Settings - Account settings, and check the account(s) that you want to add to the internet banking and click "Add account" button. The function is available from XacBank mobile application also.

For legal entity’s user:

You can add account(s) to internet banking by submitting a letter of request and fill a request form.
For removing account(s), you can use Settings - Account settings and check the account(s) that you want to remove and click "Remove account" button. 

How can I update my transaction limit?

For individual user:

Please go to the https://e-xacbank.com click Settings - Feedback, then fill "Request to change a transaction limit" and send it.
Your transaction limit will be changed within 2 hours between 9.00 AM-6.00 PM on weekdays.

For legal entity’s user:
Legal entity can change its transaction limit by submitting a letter of request to the branch. 

When will customer of other banks receive my transferred money which I make through internet banking?

If amount of the transfer is below 1.0 million MNT (or USD1000), money will be transferred on-time, the beneficiary will get the money same time of money sent. If the amount of the transfer is more than 1.0 million MNT (or USD1000), the transfer will process within 2 hours on weekdays.

Do I need to use transaction code for every transactions?

Transaction code is not requested when transferring between your accounts.

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