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Organic Mongolia Program

Loan amount

For business up to 60,000,000 MNT

For individual up to 20,000,000 MNT

Loan period

Up to 3 years

Annual Interest rate


Organic Mongolia Program

“Organic Mongolia” Program receives business projects and proposals and conducts the selection process every spring. Selected entrepreneurs qualify for a soft loan without any collateral requirements and also participate at the various exhibitions and trade fairs.


if you are engaged in production and service of organic products and if you do not have collateral asset s for bank loans, you can apply for Organic Mongolia program implemented by XacBank. Business entrepreneurs selected to “Organic Mongolia” (http://www.organicmongol.mn/) program.


Be operating a business in production or service of organic products and present your project document. If your project is selected, you will qualify for a loan on discounted terms.


fee (MNT)
Loan amount
Business up to MNT 60,000,000

Individual up to MNT 20,000,000

Interest fee (per annul)
Loan period
up to 3 years
Zuunmod, Selenge, Darhan branches
1.0 %

Required documents

  • Client Application form (XacBank form, 1 photo);
  • Copies of ID Cards;
  • Copies of ownership certificates of apartment, house and land;
  • Operational permits, patents, licenses, and rental agreement;
  • Financial statements, or record book;
  • Register for inventories and supplies as of the application date;
  • payment receipts of tax, patent, and licenses;
  • Reference of residence from Horoo Administration.