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Energy-Efficient Housing Loan

Loan amount

up to 200 million MNT

loan term

240 months

interest rate

annual: 12%

Energy-Efficient Housing Loan

loan terms

Private housetown house
Loan amount
up to 180 million MNT 
up to 200 million MNT 
Maximum loan term
240 months
Minimum loan term
6 months
Annual interest rate
Down Payment Required from the Borrower
Location of house
House area in m2
Loan Application Fee
Service Fee
Down Payment (20%) - 0.5%
Down Payment (above 20%) - 0%
Temporary collateralNot requiredRequired

An external auditor will evaluate and verify the energy efficiency of your house, and the associated audit fee (2% of the total construction cost) will be borne by XacBank.


  • The purpose of this loan is to finance the construction of energy-efficient houses that meet the requirements of the project. 
  • The houses to be financed by the loan shall be constructed according to the approved design and budget by experienced companies that fulfill the requirements of the project.

required documents

  • Citizen’s Identity Card
  • 1 Photo of the Applicant
  • Proof of Residency
  • Land Certificate
  • Employment Agreement
  • Employer’s Statement (form of the statement to be provided by XacBank)
  • Social Insurance Booklet
  • The documents specified in 5 and 6 do not apply to applicants with revenues from their own businesses. Proof of household and business income (bank account statements) 
  • Proof of funds for down payment
  • In case the applicant has existing loans, all active loan agreements

* If you wish to determine whether or not you are eligible for a loan, or the loan amount you are eligible for, please visit your nearest XacBank branch with a Proof of Social Insurance Payment (obtained from a government Rapid Service Point).

approved construction companies for energy-efficient houses

Эрчим хүчний хэмнэлтм2-ын үнэУтас
1Сакура Пропертиз ХХК
90%2.5 сая89808980
2Хайбрид хаус ХХК
38%Таун хаус - 3.5 сая
Рөв хаус - 3.3 сая
Тансаг зэрэглэлийн хаус - 4.2 сая
88114458, 88106942
3Гранд Авгуш ХХК
36%2.4 сая88106763, 88069282
4Изо Хаус ХХК
36%2.7 сая - 3.6 сая99015101
5Баатар шүтээн ХХК
34%2 сая - 3 сая
(барилгын хийцлэлээс хамаарана)
6Enso Village Passive House
29%3.2 сая99875595
7Мишээл кристал хаус ХХК
28%2.4 сая88110427
8СИП Мульти Хаусинг ХХК
27%2.7 - 3.2 сая99115167
9Эрдэнэс түмэн хаус ХХК
27%2.5 сая80303344, 90903345

24%Багц 1- 85 сая
Багц 2-150 сая