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Platinum credit card

Max. credit limit

100 million mnt

interest rate



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Platinum credit card

Earn miles for every purchase you make and spend your miles on MIAT’s products, services and flights.

Card benefits:

  • Enjoy credit limit up to MNT5 million;
  • Make purchases conveniently while you travel overseas in 200+ countries;
  • Get free notification service for your transactions powered by XacInfo;
  • Free travel insurance;
  • No interest charged on purchase transaction if the total balance is paid on the due date.

Additionally, you will enjoy other services during your overseas travel. For instance:

  • Priority Pass which comes along with the Platinum Card is a Membership pass which allows you to use VIP lounges at the over 600 international airports worldwide. VIP lounges will offer you the following service:
    • Internet;
    • Meeting room;
    • Snacks and drinks;
    • Comfortable and cozy environment.

You will find a list of VIP lounges from www.prioritypass.com webpage.

  • Information assistance;
  • Discount at internationally recognized merchants;
  • Access to information of hotels and resorts /address, time table, phone number/ and make reservation;
  • Access to plane ticket and flight schedule and make reservation.


Annual card fee
MNT 300,000
Maximum credit limit
MNT 100,000,000
Minimum credit limit
MNT 15,000,001
Non-cash transaction interest rate  /monthly/
1.5% /monthly/, 18% /annual/
Cash withdrawal interest rate /monthly/
2.0% /monthly/, 24% /annual/


Please visit a nearest XacBank Branch and see the loan officer.

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