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75771888 (188)



XacBank HQ Bldg, Ulaanbaatar-14200, Post Branch 20A, PO Box-72, MONGOLIA

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XacBank staff members and all other parties associated directly or indirectly with the bank's operations are committed to preventing fraud and corruption in all of our operations. If you suspect or detect fraud or corruption, please report it to the customer contact center (1800-1888) for resolution. Learn more about our procedure on receiving and resolving complaints and feedback HERE.



You can report feedback or complaints regarding our products and services, grievances related to the projects implemented by XacBank, or any other irregularities and misconduct, through one of the following channels:

If you wish to submit feedback or report any misconduct anonymously through the Feedback and Complaints form below, you may leave the Name and Email Address fields blank. Anonymous complaints of a whistleblowing nature will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Bank’s Whistleblowing Policy. We will provide a response within 1-3 working days. The information you provide to XacBank will be treated confidentially for internal use only.