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Green Business Loan Program

Green Business Loan Program

The Green Business Loan Program aims to reduce pollution and support environmentally sustainable business initiatives through low interest rate, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The loan is offered for a limited time.

loan terms:

termsmicro businessSmall & Medium Business
Loan size
300,000 – 30 million MNT
30.1-200 million MNT
Annual Rate
Loan Period
3-36 months
3-60 months
Commission fee
Up to 5 million MNT – 0.5%
5 million or above – 1%
Loan application fee

Loan Purpose:

  • Renewable energy equipment;
  • Water recycling system;
  • Replacing coal boiler with gas & electric powered solutions, centralized heating and installation of filters;
  • Equipment for manufacturing  insulation materials;
  • Insulation retrofit project;
  • Waste incinerator machine;
  • Commercial  Water recycling system for tourism companies;
  • Cooling equipment;
  • Air flow systems /air filtration system;
  • Kitchen sanitation equipment;
  • Organic fertilizer machines;
  • Energy efficient LED lights & cold-cathode fluorescent lamps;
  • Emission control devices for vehicles;
  • Waste Recycling Equipment;
  • Waste sorting bin;
  • Planting of trees and shrub.


  • In operation for the past 6 months;
  • To have the required business license from the relevant authority, valid until the loan maturity, or in case of special licenses with set periods, availability to obtain an extension until loan matures;
  • No previous bad credit history with other banks, financial institutions, individuals or legal entities;
  • Maintains accounting records which are up to date and accurate with regards to the operation of the business; in case of legal entities, accounting bookkeeping;
  • Provide accurate and complete information as required by the bank;
  • In case of establishment of a legal entity during the process of doing business, said legal entity should have no bad credit history or bankruptcy record.

Additional requirements(applicable to tourist camps, spa and resort facilities):

  • Have /MNS 6034:2009 standard/ certification for tourist camps, spa and  resort facilities. 
  • Capacity to host 50 or more people at once; 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment /detailed assessment If located in protected area, general assessment if located at rural area/;  
  • Land certification and usage permit in the event of protected area. 
  • Water usage contract and permit.

Required Documents:

  • Client Application Form /XacBank form, 1 copy of photo/ only for the first time loan applicants;
  • Micro Loan application form; /XacBank form/;
  • Copies of ID Cards;
  • Business related documents /Special permits, patents, and licenses/;
  • Worksite documents /rent agreement, receipts of most recent rental payments /;
  • Business related documents /financial statements, record book etc./;
  • In case operational licenses are required, patents, licenses, and permits granted by relevantauthorities, and rental agreement;
  • Certificate of ownership of apartments, houses and land;
  • Invoice of product to be purchased;
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Microloan application /XacBank form/;
  • State Registration Certificate of Legal Entities (together with a notarized copy);
  • Photo of the management and a copy of ID Card /only for the first time loan applicants/;
  • Notarized copy of the Founding Agreement;
  • A copy of Corporate Statute verified by Taxation Authorities;
  • A copy of financial statement for the previous year and the last quarter verified by Taxation Authorities;
  • A copy of contract and agreement on the activities to be financed by loan;
  • Ownership certificates of collateral assets;
  • Invoice of product to be purchased;
  • Miscellaneous.